A Reflection On The Uncanny Valley

L.A. Noire ism without a doubt, still one of the leading hallmarks of facial capture industry. Team Bondi built stunning proprietary technology to capture their actors every suitable expression. The results of their labor are detailed down to the slightest creases in the performers foreheads. But even though the faces of L.A. Noire are remarkably detailed, that’s a fact that is often contrasted against models with stiff bodies and an overall feeling like a lively face has been pasted over a head like some horrific Face/Off scenario. It can lend the game an unsettling quality. The reason for this is that L.A. Noire rests firmly in the uncanny valley.

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Review: Nidhogg

Nidhogg has been a darling of the underground scene for quite some time and I was beginning to lose hope of ever getting to enjoy this outside of those rare trips to EVO. That worry is gone now because Nidhogg is finally available on Steam for all to play, and it certainly deserves some attention. This pixel art blood sport blends subtlety and intensity in almost equal measure to create something that is simple, elegant in design, and a whooping, hollering, great time.

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Review: The Last of Us

If you thought The Last of Us was just going to be just another zombie game, you could be forgiven for having it so wrong.

A mutant strain of the cordyceps fungus has spread to humans and the world is facing a devastating pandemic. Flesh hungry infected humans roam about spreading this infernal plague with their bites, turning others into creatures with deformed faces bursting with pustules. Sure, some of the specifics have changed, but it’s still a post-apocalyptic journey through a zombie outbreak. But its unparalleled execution and more resonant themes make you forget how entrenched in tropes and cliché it all is.

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